"boosting architecture to a next level through the application of structural glass systems"


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vitroplena, or free translated from Latin: 'completely out of glass' is a consultancy office specialised in expertise, design, engineering and realisation of architectural glass applications.

vitroplena was founded as a Ghent University spin-off by dr. ir. Kenny Martens, after receiving a Ph.D. for his work on structural glass beam systems. Vitroplena is a dynamic, flexible and thrustworthy consultancy office that realizes, through innovation, a strong material knowledge and significant calculation power, tomorrow's structures.

Our mission is to boost the construction world to a new level by integrating glass in the structural system of buildings and realizing maximum transparency.

Companies as well as private customers can appeal to us for:

  • design, engineering and realisation
  • numerical modelling and optimization
  • expertise and testing
  • damage diagnostics

for interior as well as exterior applications, from a glass parapet, structural glass wall or an all-glass stairs to fully load-carrying glass floor- and/or roof structures, curtain walls and glazing, and "all-glass" façadespavilions and greenhouses.

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