glass applications

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  • engineering checks
  • design
  • calculation reports
  • realisation

A-Z for all glass applications, from glass composition and glazed parapets to large-scale curtain walls

for projects in a pre-tender phase to realisation and beyond

design & engineering of glass applications


thanks to our next level material knowledge and calculation skills, we are able to model your glass application in a very realistic way, resulting in economically optimized designs and thrustworthy engineering checks, with a focus on maximum esthetic value and structural safety, while respecting local building codes anywhere in the world


we offer A-Z services for classic glass applications, such as: 

  • parapet systems
  • curtain walls and glazed façade systems
  • skylights and glazed roof systems
  • interior glass walls
  • design of glass compositions
  • ...


ranging from general advise and engineering checks to the complete design of your application. Like a classic engineering office, we take responsibility and deliver official advise and calculation reports, tuned to your needs.