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you are at the right place when it comes to expertise and know-how regarding (innovative) glass applications. Our engineers - the glassifiers - have immersed and keep immersing themselves in this discipline by performing Ph.D. studies, expanding our international knowledge network and stimulating ongoing R&D focusing on practical applications



free translated from Latin: 'completely out of glass', vitroplena is a consultancy office specialised in expertise, design, engineering and realisation of architectural glass applications and innovative & structural glass solutions

it is our mission to provide support and to boost innovation in the architectural glass world




"our vision is to become a dynamic, polyvalent and easy-deployable design, engineering & expertise team enabling the realisation of iconic & unique glazed/glass structures. We strive to become the company-to-call for high-level glass structures on a global scale"


kenny martens - founder




meet our team of dedicated glassifiers

real glass doctors, dedicated to their mission & vision, triggered by innovation & challenges


bert van lancker - M.Sc. Ph.D.

all-round glass expert - façade systems & adhesives


head of engineering

head of R&D


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completing his civil engineering studies @ Ghent University in 2013, he started a Ph.D. study at the same university on the topic "experimental & numerical investigation of two-sided bonded glass-steel façade units". During his Ph.D. he immersed himself in practical curtain wall and general façade systems, the application of adhesives for glass-to-metal bonding and material optimisation for façade systems. Moreover, he is specialised in the design and execution of tests. Bert received his Ph.D. degree in 2020, a month after he joined the team at vitroplena.


kenny martens - M.Sc. Ph.D.

all-round glass expert - structural glass systems & adhesives



managing director


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after having graduated as a structural engineer @ Ghent University in 2013, Kenny started a Ph.D. study on the topic "statically indeterminate reinforced glass beams". During his Ph.D. he immersed himself in structural glass systems: design, engineering, practical realisation and (post-fracture) structural safety. In addition, glass-to-glass and glass-to-metal connections were a topic of interest with focus on transparent adhesive techniques. Moreover, he is specialised in the design and execution of tests. Kenny received his Ph.D. degree in 2018. Two weeks after the public defence, he founded vitroplena


a Ghent University spin-off

vitroplena collaborates with Ghent University for R&D, experimental testing activities, education and advanced expertise regarding architectural glazing and structural glass applications 


Jan Belis - prof. M.Sc. Ph.D. 

all-round expert in glass & adhesives


mentor - academic sounding board

UGhent partner


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Jan Belis is professor at Ghent University since 2008. He holds an M.Sc. in engineering - architecture and a Ph.D. in structural engineering entitled "lateral torsional buckling resistance of monolithic & laminated glass beams". Jan has a particular research focus on structural applications of glass, ranging from material level to structural systems. His experience covers e.g. glass edge strength, visco-elastic response of novel interlayers, adhesives, buckling, hybrid glass-steel components, post-fracture behaviour, robustness of glass structures, behaviour of glass in fire, glass modification by laser, sensors in glass, etc. This glass mastermind has about 25 years and counting of expertise in the field, which is internationally recognized


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