expertise & testing

  • advice & expertise
  • damage diagnostics
  • problem solving
  • in lab/on site testing
  • material optimisation



our team has deep knowledge regarding glass as a material as well as its practical applications. Furthermore, being a Ghent University spin-off, we have access to a significant database of R&D, built with more than 25 years of research already and counting - with contributions of our own engineers. In addition, we have a partnership with two UGhent labs to perform experimental tests focusing on structural, dynamic and environmental/durability performances. Our engineers are experienced in the design of test setups and testing with next level measuring equipment, in the lab as well as on site.


what we can offer?


  • general expertise & advise for glass applications
  • damage diagnostics & efficient problem solving
  • a wide variety of testing possibilities (from component to system level, structural to environmental conditions)
  • material optimisation studies


on site testing of parapet systems


you can call on our team to carry out tests to validate parapet systems in accordance with the applicable standards (NBN B03-004 in Belgium). The following tests are offered, possible in the lab as well as on site

  • static tests in serviceability and ultimate limit states
  • dynamic impact tests

after carrying out the tests, you will receive a detailed report within one week stating whether the parapet system meets the specific standards in the context of your project. 



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