Heldentoren - Heist

design of curved glass and glazed parapets

The Heldentoren project is a combined residential / office complex existing of 3 neighbouring buildings. Landmark is the tower with a height of about 70 m. In plan view the structures have rounded corners, for which curved glass panes are applied in the façade as well as for the clamped glass parapets. 


In this project, vitroplena provided the pre-tender calculation note comprising the requirements (glass, U-profiles, anchors) for the parapet systems to be applied. Once a system was chosen, vitroplena performed and provided the required checks and advise to make sure the systems meet all requirements. The major challenge was the high wind load.

In a second phase, we also performed the engineering and provided a calculation note for the curved façades of the double floors. The glass compositions, façade profiles and anchors were engineered accounting for system action (by means of 3D moddelling), resulting in an economically optimized and sleek design.


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