innovative & structural glass

  • innovative glass solutions
  • load-carrying glass structures
  • mechanical and adhesive connections
  • advise, design & engineering
  • realisation

maximizing transparency & esthetics for a wide variety of applications, from artwork to preserving historic value

innovative solutions, from cold-bent glass to all-glass 3D structures

innovative & structural glass applications


maximizing transparency - hence creating what the architect is really envisioning - is vitroplena's key mission. In many cases, this can only be achieved by applying glass as a structural, load-carrying material. Designing and engineering the latter is one of the major and unique assets of our engineers. We are simply passioned about it

the possibilities of structural glass are extensive, ranging from artwork to preserving historic value or simply maximizing transparency and esthetic value. One thing is for sure: you get an exclusive and mind-blowing view!

examples of possible structural glass applications are: 

  • cold-bent glass
  • glass pool walls
  • all-glass stairways
  • load-carrying (multi-span) glass beams and columns
  • all-glass floors, roofs and façades
  • all-glass 3D frames and structures
  • skybridges and -boxes
  • elevators
  • ...

an additional important aspect we offer is the design & engineering of connections:

  • mechanical linear and point connections (classic)
  • (transparent) adhesive linear and point connections (the future)


we offer designengineering and realisation of your glass project, accompanied by calculation reports tuned to your needs

in many cases, creating your project in glass is possible