façade design Commerce 46 - Brussels

engineering checks and design of 3 curtain walls and louvers

At the heart of Brussels, a spectacular office complex is under construction commissioned by developer Immobel. The design was delivered by Jaspers-Eyers architects and OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen. The structure is composed of 3 main blocks with curtain walls. In addition, the top part of the building is equipped with louvers. 

Commissioned by the façade contractor, vitroplena performed the engineering checks and design calculations for: 

  • the 3 curtain walls
  • the louvers

Especially the curtain wall of the second volume is challenging as it is composed of double floors with 3 m x 6 m glass panels! Specific steel profiles were designed to serve as support structure for the curtain wall. Lateral torsional buckling was one of the critical aspects to cope with, especially as all weight was diverted to the bottom supports of the curtain wall. 

Furthermore, the curtain wall and louvers of the top part of the building were designed in such a way that the louvers can be attached to the curtain wall profiles to ensure premium thermal performance of the curtain wall.